The Inaugural DHL Recycling Drive

brought to you by SURF

Can my item be recycled?

Notice: This webpage is created for purposes of discussion between DHL Express Singapore and SURFSG, in anticipation of a collaboration between the two parties.

All information is for reference only and not indicative of a confirmed partnership.

Common Mis-Recycled items

Unemptied/Unrinsed Containers


Soiled Clothing

Items with different materials fused together


Expired Food Products


this is a growing list so stay tuned...


Note: Some items may not be recycled e.g. Pens as they comprise of a variety of metals and plastics, but there are specific organizations that will repurpose them.


Save that pen collects unwanted stationery from around Singapore,

 refurbishes them and gives them to needy communities.

Have a question about whether something specific can be recycled? 

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